Corridor Freelancer’s First Meetup: SUCCESS!

Today was the first meeting of the newest meetup group to come to town, called Corridor Freelancers.

From their Facebook page:

Corridor Freelancers is a community of freelancers located in the Cedar Rapids/Iowa City and surrounding areas (I mean basically any Iowa Freelancer is invited, and heck if you showed up and said you were from California, we’re not going to turn you away).

The idea is to meet other Freelancers in your area and just build a relationship with people. You might gain actual business as a result of the community, you might learn things you didn’t know before, gain new skills, or maybe you’ll just enjoy the company of like minded small business owners and make some new friends!

New meetups are typically not met with very high attendance during the first few months, and it’s not uncommon for a meetup to see 3 maybe 4 people show up each time in the beginning. Corridor Freelancers boasts 7 attendees at their first meetup, which took place at Yoimono, a co-working space in the Cherry building of NewBo district.

Feedback was very positive after the meetup was over, it was obvious that those who attended really enjoyed the discussion and networking that took place.

The first 10-15 minutes of the meetup had an agenda, and that was to talk about ZoHo Invoice, an online software used for creating invoices, estimates, time tracking and expense logging. After the “official” agenda had been thoroughly discussed, members discussed things from content writing, digital marketing, and even taking “garbage” and making art, and useful things like tables and lights out of it!

This meetup takes place on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month at Noon, and all Freelancers or people interested in freelancing are welcome!

Cedar Rapids Web Design - Corridor Freelancers Meetup Selfie

Cedar Rapids Web Design - Corridor Freelancers Meetup